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ABP’s web-based paperless “Back Office System” for submitting new business to the back office, accessing client account forms, downloading sales and marketing material, researching product and selling agreements, looking up industry contacts, and staying informed with our calendar of firm events and sales meetings. You will also find compliance related databases for your use, such as a Gift Log, Checks Received Blotter, Monthly Correspondence Transmittals, Securities Received and Delivered, and a Restricted Stock List. No one else sees your data; the records you enter on Sharepoint are private and protected.

Global Relay

Global Relay Email; Email has become the lifeblood of corporate communications because it lets you easily manage and track many conversations. Instant messaging lets you converse interactively. With Global Relay Message, a user can manage their conversations like email, while still conversing interactively. Global Relay Message lets users manage the conversations in their inbox just like email - participate in active conversations, tag conversations, and archive inactive conversations.

Global Relay Archive is a world-class compliance archiving and monitoring solution that seamlessly integrates with email and messaging systems to deliver superior search, retrieval and monitoring capabilities. Its enterprise-class, web-based email archiving tools address the demands of regulatory compliance, audits and eDiscovery while alleviating the burdens of data management, storage, security and business continuity.


Repertoire is ABP’s real time, web-based system for transaction and commission tracking. This program offers client profile and account management tools designed for each individual ABP rep.

AI Insight

AI Insight is the developer of an easy to use, web-based tool that enables Broker Dealers and their financial advisors to access a dynamic and consistent database of Alternative Investment sponsors and programs. A sophisticated search feature allows customized viewing of these products; full Broker Dealer control ensures viewing of approved products only. Education modules provide Broker Dealers with the ability to maintain regulatory-required documentation of fair and balanced training on their Alternative Investments offerings – all via a real-time Consolidated Compliance log.

VisibleChoice® Annuity Intelligence Solution

VisibleChoice® enables Advisors and sales support staff to compare selected annuity product features and benefits side by side to quickly identify the most suitable product for their client. VisibleChoice® provides access to over 1200 Variable, Fixed and Fixed Indexed annuity products from 282 carriers, all on a single platform. Built using next generation technologies, VisibleChoice® is the only end to end solution providing real-time annuity product information to effectively streamline the annuity sales process.

Redtail Technology

Redtail Technology delivers web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for the Financial Professional. This is not your typical off-the-shelf CRM solution, rather one designed from the ground up to meet the challenging needs of financial advisors. Unlike traditional CRM solutions, Redtail CRM, is easy to use, quick to deploy and delivers a rapid return on investment.


RBC WealthStation is designed to provide the tools you need to help acquire, service and grow client relationships. Integrating client management, data aggregation, financial planning, investment management, asset allocation, trading and reporting into a single platform, RBC WealthStation provides a flexible architecture to help advisors offer superior service to their clients.


Maintaining accurate records and delivering regular client reports is a critical part of your practice, but it is very labor-intensive. Now, Envestnet offers a reporting solution that can streamline your data access, report creation, distribution and billing. We offer a fully-integrated outsourcing solution that provides accurate data feeds from multiple sources and that scrubs, reconciles, and aggregates data on a daily basis. It allows you to manage your practice more efficiently and spend more time with your clients.

MoneyGuide Pro

MoneyGuide Pro is the first collaborative internet-based financial planning software that makes this easy to accomplish. Its unique client-centered approach supports a sophisticated, goal-oriented planning process that is more meaningful to the client and more productive for the advisor.