Business Continuity Statement

Allied Beacon Partners, Inc. (ABP) maintains a Business Continuity Plan that may be activated in the event of a significant business disruption. In the event that we temporarily unavailable due to an uncontrollable business disruption, following is a brief overview of how we plan to recover and provide our clients with access to us in a reasonable amount of time.

ABP has an extensive business continuity plan in place to address potential significant business disruptions. The plan is reviewed annually, subject to change and is updated when necessary. ABP does not provide specific details of our business continuity plan to the public due to confidential and proprietary information contained in the plan. The firm’s plan is intended to permit the continuation of key business operations during most types of business disruption including, but not limited to, a single building, city-wide and regional disruption. Our objective is to resume key business operations during most types of disruptions, usually within the same business day. The firm’s mission critical information is backed up daily, maintained at an off-site location and back-up processing capabilities are available at an alternate location.

In the event of a business disruption and clients are unable to contact us at (888)275-2279 they can visit our website to get the latest information. In the event that we are in the process of recovering from a business disruption, our customers may communicate with our clearing firm directly at the address below. Only contact the clearing firm if we are temporarily unavailable due to a business disruption in our operations. If you have an account directly with a mutual fund, variable annuity or insurance company, you can contact each company using the number on their statement or prospectus.

RBC Dain Correspondent Services
510 Marquette Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55402-1110